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Sustainable bag design for Acne Studios

Acne Studios is a luxury fashion house from Stockholm, Sweden founded by Jonny Johansson. The company is reknowned for its contemporary designs and involvement in art, architecture, and collaborations. For this project, our team was given the task to design a sustainable product for a brand that currently does not offer anything sustainable. Acne receives a lot of their business through e-commerce, and e-commerce, while convenient, creates large amounts of waste. We decided to create a sustainable shipping bag for Acne. The shipping container, made from recycled plastic, turns inside out to transform into a reusable tote with the signature Acne logo. This way, customers have a reason to keep their shipping bags and actually turn them into something useful, thus reducing consumer waste. We conducted a photoshoot in Acne's signature style. Additionally, we created a marketing strategy for the new product, by way of guerilla marketing. See below for examples of our guerilla marketing, photoshoots, and the complete booklet.

Marketing strategy for sustainable bag design

Photographer: Andrea Di Lello

Model: Madeline Dilustro 

Styling and direction: Amira Hatlani and Andrea Di Lello

Complete booklet, including brand analysis, customer profile, new product, and marketing strategy.

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