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Branding for new hospitality development

​“You have arrived in Bartlett, Texas, the town that’s right in front of you. Here you can have everything your heart desires, whether you’re spending the night, having drinks, or dancing to Dolly. Far enough for a retreat, but close enough for your spouse to drop off that pair of pants you forgot. That’s Bartlett.”

Bartlett is a creative town for people who want to get away and reset.  To reflect its character we have to tell the story of its past, present, and future. I developed the branding of this new destination, including the logo, promotional materials, and social media concepts.The result is a brand presence that taps into the feelings of whimsy, discovery, and nostalgia central to Bartlett's identity.

Tastes like

Feels like

Smells like

Sounds like

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welcome zine

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brand activation materials and social media

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Y'all come back now!

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