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Elizabeth Roberts




Statement of Purpose

Discover the heroine in you.

Debut Collection Brand Development

The Elizabeth Roberts outerwear collection weaves together passion, imagination, intuition, and enchantment to yield eight mighty silhouettes for today’s heroine. Truth, beauty, armor are the guiding principles that wrought these shapes for women who, not unlike the historical heroines they are named after, are moved to make our world collectively a better place. So, each day as we ceremonially clad ourselves in armor to enable us to move, manage, preserve, and thrive, take joy in knowing that these pieces were inspired with women like you in mind to take charge. These silhouettes are named aptly after women of historic significance who represent tenants of the brand. Confident, dignified and graceful, each an ardent follower of truth in her lifetime and a believer in her capabilities to discover ways to change; each a fierce and courageous, yet peaceful and skilled mediator. Come put on your armor and discover the heroine in you

The Juliet

The Isabel Neville

The Tomoe Gozen

The Ethelfleda

The Anne Neville

Queen of England during the late 1400’s, Lady Anne Neville was saddled with a lifetime of political maneuvering during the War of the Roses. Remembered as unique and powerful for her ability to stay true to herself in the face of adversity, marry for love, and for maintaining her compassion for others, Anne was the definition of flexibility. As a queen, Anne

had to adhere to a strict dress code that dictated cinched waistlines and hooped skirts. We embrace this dictum in our powerful Anne Neville coat, reflecting the fashions of the time with both comfort and beauty. 

The Anne Neville, Isabel Neville's long-sleeved counterpart, features a peplum skirt and bell sleeves that make for a striking silhouette.

It is functional for a sleek and chic getaway or whatever the day brings your way.

The Inis Mor


Elizabeth Roberts is the Seattle-based creative director and founder of her eponymous outerwear collection. Elizabeth draws inspiration from the natural beauty of Pacific Northwest, as well as the Arms & Armor collection at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, where she worked during her time living in New York City. Her collection is made exclusively in Europe and appeals to a confident, modern woman with a passion for the finest materials, artisanal craftsmanship and exquisite design.


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151 West 26th St, 3rd floor

New York, NY 10001



Elizabeth Roberts

3121 East Madison St, Suite 206A

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