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I think I made you up inside my head. 

Garment Design

It is fascinating to me how the feeling of infatuation can be as strong as the feeling of love. It seems we often talk about love in music, in films, and in art. But in actuality what we are talking about is the feelings that come before love: desire, infatuation, enamor. All of these emotions are so powerful and so new every time, that it is difficult to differentiate among them. How do we know if we are in love with someone, or if we are merely infatuated by them? How do we know if we like someone, or if we like to feel desired? 

Statement of Purpose

It is a powerful and dangerous thing. The excitement of potential clouds our vision and jumbles our thoughts. The unfamiliarity of the emotion can even cause anxiety. This is partially because of the sensation of self-validation as well. Naturally as humans we seek to find validation through others. Through one another we expect to find shelter, self-worth, and self-actualization. We feel we are not found until we find ourselves in someone else. Along with this emotional frenzy also comes extreme idealization. So are we looking for love or infatuation? Do we want to be loved or be desired? 

The lines are blurred. Yet no matter the level of depth with which you experience the emotion, that does not change the significance of our experience. My design is inspired by this hazy, underrated emotion that is infatuation. It is inspired by the idealization we create while under this emotion’s grasp; how we seek to find freedom through one another. The v-neckline is feminine and dramatic, but also explores a cut that translates into men’s garments. The body is romantic and flowing. The leather belt gathers the dress into complex and organic folds. The photos of the garment illustrate graceful, polished details, pragmatic simplicity, and natural, strong beauty. The result is a story of love confronting desire. It is difficult for me to write about this with little personal disclosure, but I will disclose this: I have experienced infatuation, and I am completely, entirely enraptured by the feeling.

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