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Pop-up Shop Design for Kevyn Aucoin 

In 2001, legendary makeup artist Kevyn Aucoin founded his namesake collection of professional makeup products. The brand embodies style, sophistication, and the empowerment of makeup for all women. Currently this brand is sold primarily through ecommerce, in department stores, and independent apothecary-style beauty stores. For this project, our team designed a brick & mortar store for Kevyn Aucoin to grow brand awareness and increase sales. Our primary objectives included designing the storefront for the best possible customer experience. We also created a line plan for the planned product assortment. See below for store design, line plan, and the complete case study of the brand. 

Store design 
Merchandise is arranged in the center of the store for ease of shoppers and dynamic display. Seated consultation areas are against the wall, and the right wall displays images from Kevyn's famous books and polaroids. 
Store design 
Line plan
Product assortment, including color range and price. 
Complete booklet
Includes brand analysis, customer profile, store design, and final buying plan.
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